I'm sorry, there are no longer any Thanksgiving designs available.
But since you're here, perhaps you'd enjoy reading about
MY favorite Thanksgiving!

from Alan The Egg Man!

Here's a  photo of the
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in 1987.
Look halfway up the street. You'll see a "swarm" of bumble bees.
Do any of them look familiar?

Below is a little closer view.
Still don't see any-bee-dy familiar?

Let's go down to street level and get a closer look.

 Omygod! It's Jackie and Alan in the 1987 Macy's Parade!

And this photo has not been photoshopped.

In 1987 while I was living in New York, a friend of mine from St. Louis, Eric Kantor, worked in the Special Events Dept. at Macy's. Eric invited our mutual friend Christy Simmons (also from St. Louis) to come to New York and play the Queen Bee in the Macy's Parade. Christy, in turn, asked Eric if Jackie and Alan could be two of her worker-bees. So one very cold Thanksgiving morning in 1987, Jackie and Alan cavorted on the three mile long parade route and had the time of our lives!
Sorry we don't have a photo of Queen Bee Christy. She got to ride down the street in style on a giant watering can float, while we had to drag our OWN cans down the street, stingers and all! (By the way, do you think that yellow stripe makes our butts look big?)

One very personal memory: I knew a co-worker of mine, a company manager for the Shakespeare Festival, was at a parade party high up in a certain building. I knew from her vantage point many stories up, she'd never know me by the top of my head, so when we got in front of her building, I lay down on my back on the pavement and waved my arms and legs (like making a snow angel) so she'd know it was me. I remember, after I got up, my stinger was all squished inside my BEE-hind! Jackie-bee had to reach in there and pull it back out! Right in front of all those people! Wish I had a photo of THAT! By the way, we never did find Jackie's charm bracelet.

The photo of Jackie and me was taken by our dear friend, the late Frances Smith (of "Why don't you paint me a WOODEN egg" fame), who elbowed her way to a front row spot in front of the Palace Theatre in Times Square to get pictures of us.

And so, with this happy walk down memory lane
(well, I should say 'with this exhausting but thrilling romp down Broadway'),
Jackie and Alan wish you a very