Memory Lane

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Please enjoy this photo gallery....
Memories of 29 years of Art Fairs, Corporate Events, and Disney Guest Artist Appearances

Since 1993, Jackie and I have traveled every year, often both Spring and Fall, from our home in Orlando, FL, to our hometown of St Louis, MO, for craft fairs at various venues there.  It's been wonderful, keeping in touch with old friends and family, and the St Louis craft fairs are excellent.
Below is my INDISPENSIBLE, Indefatigable, and Incorrigible Crew
at a Craft Fair at Lindbergh High School, St Louis:
Dean, Bruce, Dodie, Jackie -
assisting me without fail  EVERY SINGLE YEAR for 29 years of
Art Fairs in the St Louis area, often 2 or 3 Fairs a year!!!


Below: Our display at Lindbergh High School
in St Louis at the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Rotary Craft Fair.
And Joan Robinson of the Rotary -- best Craft Fair Coordinator EVER.
And the most fun!    We shall miss seeing you, Joan!


Below:  My Awesome St Louis crew:  Dodie Nelke, Jackie Dames,
BruceConley, and Dean Schmidt
CLICK HERE to see Dean and Bruce in some REALLY crazy get-ups!!
dojactrees3.jpg deanbru.jpg


Here I want to express my boundless thanks to Jackie Dames, my partner in all this. Since 1999 Jackie has been my ever-present helper, always by my side at art fairs, making sales, stocking displays, setting up,  tearing down, long weekends in a folding chair, not to mention, back home, coating the eggs in polyurethane!   51,000 eggs........12-15 coats  per egg........Do the math!!  Thanks, Jackie for your support, patience, hard work, and endurance. Thanks for making it all possible.

Many happy years in front of Timothy's Gallery during
the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
Thank you Carolyn and Jill!  Love you both!


Christmas Made in the South,
Indoors at Jacksonville, FL:

Corporate Event outdoors at the
Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort:


Tallahassee, FL.  Inside a leaky expo building on the Fairgrounds,
where we needed umbrellas indoors and boots to wade through the
puddles on the floor!

Heigh-Ho the Crafter's Life!
Pack up the van....depart before daylight!


Some days the weather is perfection....
Juno Beach, FL, 2010


Some days you arrive from your motel first thing on Sunday morning
to find an overnight storm has picked up your tent
and blown it down the street....
...and you thank God you packed up the eggs
the night before! Photo below is before we arrived, but AFTER
our terrific artist friends the Browns and the Dirienzos gathered our scattered
wares,  folded up our tables and stacked everything as best they could!
Sebastian, FL, 2016


My trip down memory lane MUST include our very good friends
Kathleen and Robert Brown,
whom we met at a craft fair in 1999.
We have tried to be next to them at every craft fair we've done since.
Great people, and we treasure their friendship.
browns.jpg  browns2a.jpg

"Welcome to Egg World"


Front page of the Orlando Sentinel, March 2006

Sometimes I was in the newspaper....



Sometimes I was on a poster!!
(fortunately, never at the Post Office!)


patricia-portrait.jpgAt right is Patricia Leddon --
a powerful influence in the marketing of my work. A fabulous artist in her own right, Patricia approached me at a craft show around 1995 and said she would like to represent my work to Disney buyers and to shops around the country when she traveled to market her own art. Patricia DID present my product to the Disney buyers, and that led to my doing years of Guest Artist appearances at Disney.  A few years later she told me about a restaurant in Orlando called Cafe Tu Tu Tango, and she introduced me to the art manager there. That led to many years of painting and displaying my art at 'Tango'.  For over 25 years Patricia and I have shared ideas about art, and marketing, and life, and I treasure her friendship and all she has done to help me get my art seen.

Guest Artist at Disney's Old Key West Resort, around 2003:


Display at Disney's Days of Christmas Shop


Old Friends at Epcot


Disney's Grand Floridian Resort:


Easter 1994 - Disney's Dixie Landings resort
This was pre-Henrietta! 

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A peek inside The Egg Man's Studio
Below left:  A clutter cluster!     Below right:  the rack were 51,000 eggs were dipped each in 10 to 15 coats of clear gloss
92820-studio1.jpg   92820-dip-rack.jpg

Below is my paint desk, birthplace of thousands of painted eggs. As you ponder this photo, please think of the quote:
"If a cluttered workspace indicates a cluttered mind, what does an empty workspace signify?"

And in closing, below is an example of an old trick I call "Sleight of Hen."

TheEggMan in print:
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New Smyrna Beach, FL, NEWS
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