Gallery of Custom Eggs
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Please enjoy this Gallery of
private commission one-of-a-kind custom eggs

Dedicated to my valued collectors
who have asked me to create
these very personal, meaningful paintings
just for them

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On November 11th, 2017, we celebrated the Anniversary of the
landing of the Mayflower in the harbor at Cape Cod, MA, bringing the pilgrims to the shores of America.
A patron who is a Mayflower descendant commissioned two eggs with the above painting
to commemorate the occasion.

Back in 2012, after commissioning an egg of their beloved "Jesse James", at left below,
a couple commissioned a second egg, their beloved "Baby Amber"

Cornelius_Jesse_James_proof.jpg                cornelius_baby%20amber_proof.jpg              

As of August 2017, their custom egg collection has grown to include these
seven portraits of special family members covering a period of 30 years.


This is the sweet face of Chloe.

As you might guess, kitty's name is GROUCHO!




Cathedral in Cologne, Germany


Chateau des ducs de Bretagne
Nantes, France

Scituate, Massachusetts


   St Peters Dome

Christ the Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro



A young man's visit to Crater Lake, Oregon, is memorialized on a keepsake egg.
Photo above shows three views of one egg.


One patron's memento of a very special New Year's Eve. Complete with champagne bubbles!

The painting of the Chicago skyline above was commissioned as a gift to residents
of the spectacular Legacy Apartments, which towers over Chicago's iconic "Bean" sculpture.



Some pets just LOVE to pose!
This handsome fellow is Stryker.


10416_keeper_proof3%20copy.jpg          10416_mudd_tucker_proof%20copy.jpg

60419-gibson_bindy_proof.jpg                                    60419-scheibe_maltese2.jpg




Memento of a granddaughter studying karate

Three eggs honoring one patron's tennis-playing grandsons

102014_baseball_soccer.jpg         102014_biking_mountains.jpg         102014_jogger.jpg           




One collector's favorite photo of her niece.








10416_cornelius_final_for_web%20copy.jpg                    10416_gus_proof2%20copy.jpg

10416_tucker_hazel_proof%20copy.jpg                              braddock_proof%20copy.jpg

Below, special gifts for fans of the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles :
raven_football_proof%20copy.jpg      102014_orioles_proof.jpg   


Our Lady of Guadalupe
Commissioned by a lady
for her friend with
health challenges.

St. Anthony --
Gift to a retiree from
St. Anthony's Hospital
in St Louis, MO





Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water"



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Sometimes a custom egg is a  shared smile.

A longtime collector in Bloomington, Illinois, sent me three vacation photos,
and photos of her church, to be painted on eggs.

Above are three views of one egg.

Above are three views of one egg.

Above are three views of one egg.

Above are three views of one egg,
a church in Bloomington, Illinois

In April 2012, the collector above asked me to paint yet another photo onto an egg:

And in October 2012, I interpreted one of her favorite paintings for her:


In August 2016, this same patron requested a painting of a favorite statue in China.

Inspired by a trip to the monument, the same patron asked
me whimsically to add her husband to Mount Rushmore!


Another collector comissioned a painting of the church
where she grew up, based on the photo at right below.







"The better to HEAR you with!"
Two chihuahua commissions



The interior of a restaurant in Boca Raton, FL
(3 views of one egg)



Commissioned as an Easter gift for a young lady's Grandmother


This most unusual subject is a young woman performing the very difficult
  "death drop" in an acrobatics competition, caught by her ankles wrapped in a silk banner.
Her proud Mom sent me photos and asked me to memorialize the moment on an egg.

 One patron commissioned these mementos of his beloved Puerto Rico:
El Morro Castle, and the flag of Puerto Rico

 El_Morro_proof.jpg                puerto_rico_flag_proof.jpg

 The same patron asked me to paint the four eggs below,
memorializing a very special location which holds a very sacred place in his heart.

Fulton_1_proof.jpg          Fulton_2_proof.jpg

Fulton_3_proof.jpg          Fulton_4_proof.jpg


In commemoration of a collector's new house.


 A WWII collector sent me the photo above,
and asked me to paint an image of the solemn
USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.

From Wikipedia: "The wreck still lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial, dedicated in 1962 to all those who died during the Pearl Harbor attack, was built astraddle the ship's hull. The Arizona retains the right, in perpetuity, to fly the United States flag as if she were an active, commissioned naval vessel."


Created as a gift to a graduate of the US Air Force Academy,
this egg was painted with the graduate's 2nd Lieutenant Commission
(commonly known as the 'butter bar') on the back. 



Knowles Chapel,
Rollins College


McMaster University

baylor_egg.jpg     baylor_photo.jpg

Pat Neff Hall, Baylor University
Gift to a student from her proud Aunt.

The Baylor U. student referenced at left spent
the summer of 2014 in Paris.
Hence another thoughtful gift from her Aunt.


(4 views of one egg)
One collector has commissioned a custom Easter design for her son every year since he was born in 2002.
In 2015, the theme was "Book Lover Bunny."




A collector's favorite restaurant, where he and his girl had their first date:
Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, FL
He commissioned this egg to give his girl on another date about a year later.
You can see the heart shapes in the clouds.
On the back of the egg he had me inscribe the words
"Will you marry me?"




Four views of a single egg, incorporating special elements in one woman's life.



Commissioned by a fan and supporter of the Cincinnati (Ohio) Museum Center.


Front and back views of one egg, depicting a collector's
memory of a favorite place in Maine.



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This handsome fellow is somwhat of a celebrity, being a Cheese Head AND an "unofficial official" PR dog for the Green Bay Packers, and his proud owners wanted him immortalized on an Egg Man Egg. He is the only dog allowed to tailgate or be on the Packer property at Lambeau Field.  He goes to all games and is in the tailgate area for hundreds of photo ops.  His picture has been taken many times and has been on local and national tv such as ESPN, FOX Sports etc. 


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