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Please note:
At this time I am not accepting commissions
for custom designs.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Thank you for your interest,
and please check back for further updates.


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painted JUST FOR YOU!

Stryker_final_with_photo.jpgHere's your chance to commission a unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake to be treasured by you or someone special for years to come.

Here's how it works:

1) TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT: You email me your idea. Typical subjects would include your home, pet portrait, a favorite vacation spot. Attach photo(s) of your subject, and I'll take a look. (Please, no people portraits, no sports team logos, no corporate logos, and no copyrighted images.) If you don't have photos, but request something like "Canals of Venice" I will research photos of your subject and show them to you with suggestions for interpretation. Pleae note: If you furnish photos of, say, a pet, please provide the most accurate photos possible. I can't tell Spike's true expression if the eyes have "red eye." And I can't paint Fluffy's beautiful tail if it's hidden in the photo.

One of my loyal collectors sent me her photo of a glacier taken while on an Alaskan cruise, and asked me to create a very special keepsake of her trip. (Three views of one egg.)

2) PRICE: First of all, My work is absolutely guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, you will not pay.  Typical price for custom designs is around $125. Simpler designs will be less than that.  Designs involving unusual detail or extended research will be higher. Typical price for Pet Portraits is $150. All Custom designs require research, creative originality, a significant amount of communication with the purchaser, an approval process, and are one of a kind originals, so a great deal of extra time and originality is involved in their creation.

egg3) QUOTE: After I study your photos, and before I paint, I will quote you the Cost for the finished piece, and give you an approximate completion date. Cost will include shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

4) WAIT PERIOD: For custom designs, there is usually a wait period of a few weeks. Requests for custom eggs will be honored in the order received. I will let you know the anticipated completion date before your piece is painted. Your completion date may be a few weeks away, so please allow adequate time.

5) APPROVAL PROCESS: After your custom egg is painted, and before it is clear-coated, I will send you photos of the piece for your baylor.jpgapproval. If you request any changes, adjustments can be made at this time, before the piece is clear-coated. When you have approved the photos of your completed piece, it will be coated in approximately 15 layers of high gloss polyurethane and allowed to cure, a process which will take two weeks. Just before the piece is ready to ship, I will contact you for payment, and I will ship your commission by First Class Mail. Remember: My work is absolutely guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, you will not pay. After you receive the egg, if for any reason you are not pleased with the result, you may return it to me and I will refund the cost. But remember, you will have seen very accurate clear photos of the finished piece before it is shipped to you, so there should be no surprises.

6) Please observe these GUIDELINES:

When choosing a subject, please consider the 'verticality' of the egg

daschund egg

shape. Taller images are better than wider images.

I am a pictorial artist, not a graphic artist. Meaning, I don't do graphics or formal lettering, so please, no signs, company logos with lettering, insignia with lettering, or military emblems with lettering. 
Also, please don't ask me to do sports logos or other copyrighted logos (for example, Harley Davidson.)

Please be aware, the curved surface of the egg causes distortion, and therefore doesn't lend itself to flattering images of loved ones, so I prefer not to attempt "close-up" portraits.


Your completed piece will be my vision of any photos you submit. Every effort will be made to create a faithful reproduction of your photos. But please remember this is an artist's interpretation, and allow for some creative license. Remember, you will be sent clear photos of the finished piece before it is shipped, so there will be no surprises.


Long-time collector Grethe Armstrong of Bloomington, IL, asked me to paint the original Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. And below is the result, along with the photo she sent me. When I sent her the photo of the finished egg for her approval, she wrote back:
"I am speechless. That is a masterpiece and I definitely approve! WOW!!!!" -- Grethe

I couldn't ask for a better testimonial than that!

Now....what may I paint for you?


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